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Contact MENTOR THE COACH Customer Support

The quickest way to reach is us to send an email to:
As a rule, our team tries to reply to all questions within a business day or sooner.
We know it seems like phone might be quicker, but here is why we prefer email…

  • We can thoroughly research your issue and get back to you with a more complete answer… AND you can refer to it again if you need to.
  • It helps our customer service team figure out “Frequently Asked Questions” and ultimately helps us improve MENTOR THE COACH as we see certain patterns happening.
  • We have team members monitoring the help desk and can respond more quickly than we can via phone.
  • And the best part? No phone tag!

However, there is still an option for you if you prefer speaking on the phone. Just call (941) 806-5610 and leave a message with your name, contact number, email address, and question.

MENTOR THE COACH Program Questions

If you are trying to access content that has not been released yet, hold tight!

You can check the Calendar for the release dates for each Module or Bonus item, based on when you joined the program. If the content is released and you are still seeing that message, please try logging out, cleplease try logging out, clearingaring your browser’s cache, and logging back in. If you are still having trouble, write us at

Mentor the Coach Program has a 14-day money-back guarantee to give you a chance to get a feel for our content and the method of our teaching.

If it turns out that it does not suit your needs or time frame, just get in touch with **before those 14 days are up** and we will get your refund underway with no hard feelings.

Those 14 days starts from the date of your order.Once those 14 days have passed, we lock accounts and no additional account changes will be made. No exceptions.

Great question!

It is the practice of Mentor the and The Seaplace Group, LLC to never leave the course portal information up indefinitely… we do not want to have outdated information floating around on the net.

So, it is a balancing act – making Mentor the and The Seaplace Group, LLC courses better and keeping up with the Internet changes while still supporting older versions long enough for you to access and save the information.

So that is why we have made all of the module information downloadable.

You will have access to your version of the program for at least one year. We strongly recommend you download it as the download versions become available to make sure you get everything that is of benefit to you.

And… that way you have it to refer to down the road. What might not be applicable now, might be just the piece later on.

The information is only available for download exactly as it appears on the site.

(More important legal stuff… Remember that any downloads from the course are still protected by Terry H. Hill, Mentor the, and The Seaplace Group, LLC trademarks and copyrights and as such are protected by law. The information is for your personal business use only.)

Terry Hill and the comment team are unable to personally answer every question they receive by email, as much as they would like to.

We would recommend you ask a Program-specific related question by:

    • Posting your question in the portal:

      We would recommend you post a condensed version of your question in a relevant section in the MENTOR THE COACH portal for our comment team to see and answer for you. Look for the area that most closely matches your topic/niche or question. We are seeing a *lot* of great advice going around this group already.

Terry Hill does some 1:1 coaching sessions but due to demand, he now only does so for a handful of people he has known for years.

We cannot guarantee results because everyone is different, and everyone brings a different set of skills and assets to their business; but the Mentor the Coach Program does have a 14-day money-back guarantee to give you a chance to get a feel for the content and our teaching/mentoring method.

Technical Support

For the benefit and integrity of the entire community, comments are moderated.  Do not worry though – we are busy approving messages as we see them and as long as the guidelines (see below) are followed, all comments are typically approved within 24-48 hours. Refreshing your browser may be necessary to see new comments.

Very rarely, your comment might not be approved for various reasons (or may be modified to comply with our no-link guidelines). Some of those reasons are:

  1. Self-promotion
  2. Links or invitations to outside websites, charities, email addresses (There are other ways to promote these via social networks etc. and we do not have the time or staff to verify the validity, safety or intentions of external websites links or invitations)
  3. Not applicable to the area where posted.
  4. Better answered by customer service, such as: account info, event questions, troubleshooting regarding use of the portal such as help with seeing videos, posting comments, downloading, PDF not opening … etc.  If it falls into one of those categories (or a similar category) you can contact support (see email above in Contact Us FAQ) for assistance.
  5. Better answered by customer service, such as: account info, event questions, troubleshooting regarding use of the portal such as help with seeing videos, posting comments, downloading, PDF not opening … etc.  If it falls into one of those categories (or a similar category) you can contact support (see email above in Contact Us FAQ) for assistance.
  6. Redundant or identical to a previous comment

Comments are limited to 1000 characters. Please try to reword your comment to contain the most important details necessary – this will make your comment more likely to be read and responded to in a timely manner.

When you add a comment, you have the option of being notified when someone responds to your comment.

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You will need a Gravatar, and you can get it for free here. Once you have signed up for a free account with Gravatar, then you can set your image by clicking on “My Account” in the Menu bar at the top of this page, and then click “Profile Picture” to update.

Make sure to sign up with the same email address that you used for your portal login.

If your picture is not showing up, be patient as there may be a slight delay on their end.

For transcripts and other documents with a .pdf extension, you’ll need a PDF reader such as Adobe or Foxit.

Be sure you are downloading the most recent, FREE non-beta version available.

Also, most computers are set-up to open the PDF in Adobe Preview, but this does not create the best experience (the document rarely looks like it is supposed to when viewed in Adobe Preview). We recommend you close that version and then re-open the PDF from your hard drive using Adobe (or other) PDF reader.

Because some of the downloads contain multiple files, you will find we have combined them into a zip file.

A .zip file contains one or multiple files that have been compressed into a single file called an Archive. An archive needs to be opened with compression software before the files inside can be accessed. Windows, OS X, and Linux all come with ZIP compression built-in to the operating system, or you can use third-party programs to access them.

  • To extract a single file or folder, double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then, drag the file or folder from the compressed folder to a new location.
  • To extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

If your operating system does not have extraction software automatically built in, there are a variety of free and paid software available. Two of the more popular free options include:

  • 7Zip
  • 7zX (Mac OS X)

There are a variety of reasons that you might encounter technical issues when downloading or playing the media files.  Please review the information below for common troubleshooting support.

General Technical Troubleshooting

  1. All videos and downloads have been tested by us using a variety of browsers, over PC and Mac… and they work across those browsers and platforms.
  2. The video and audio files are often quite large. You need to have a broadband connection (anything other than a modem) and a computer that less than 3 years old.
  3. These files will probably will not work if you are on a 56k modem connection, and even using DSL many files can take a significant amount of time to load/play.
  4. Be patient. Some files can take up to 45 minutes to stream or download.
  5. If still having AV problems and you are using a PC, do a hard boot by completely powering off your computer for a full 30 seconds and then turning it back on.
  6. For other video/audio problems: because the variables can be many, before contacting us be sure to try it using a different browser, a different computer or over a different network. Some browsers or network security settings may prevent files from streaming or downloading.
  7. If you are using Windows and you are getting a message that Quicktime could not initialize, Quicktime suggests that you go into the properties of Quicktime and either click or unclick the ‘compatibility’ icon.

Streaming Difficulties

  1. Be patient. Some files can take up to 45 minutes to process.
  2. Try letting the recordings load (hit mute) and walk away and do something else for a while. You can then go back later and watch it after the recording has loaded into the buffer cache.
  3. Close other browser tabs and windows. This can make a huge difference!
  4. Adobe Flash has reached its end-of-life on December 31, 2020 and Flash support in Adobe Connect will end on June 30, 2021, but Adobe Connect is just getting started. Learn what the end of Flash means for Adobe Connect along with strategies for the transition. If you are interested in the NEW Adobe Connect, click here.
  5. Switch to another browser to see if that helps.
  6. Instead of streaming the recordings, try downloading them to your machine using the links below the video. After you download the videos, they should play uninterrupted on your machine.

Download Difficulties

  1. Be patient. Some files can take up to 45 minutes to process.
  2. We have tested these files on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X Leopard. We have also tested it in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
  3. Be sure that you are RIGHT clicking on the link (or CMD-Click for Macs) and saving the file by selecting “Save As” or “Download Linked File”.
  4. Make sure you are downloading these as .mp4 and not as .html files. You may need to rename the file to “something.mp4”
  5. You must first click on the video from the main Module page. That will take you to the individual video page. Once you are on the video page, you will see the video… and you will also see download links for the actual video download link, when available (many bonus items do not have video downloads).
  6. If you cannot get a file to download, try to download the same file using a different browser, a different computer or using a different network. If on a PC, try Internet Explorer or Firefox. If on a Mac, try Safari or Firefox or Camino.
  7. If the files download as “scrambled characters,” make sure that you are downloading the audio or video files and not downloading the html that accompanies the files. Try playing the files and then right clicking on them as they are playing. Then select “save as…”
  8. Make sure you have the latest non-beta version of whatever audiovisual software you are using.
  9. If using Windows XP try setting the hardware acceleration to none To do this go to your Windows Control Panel, click on Display; Next go to Settings Advanced; Next open the Troubleshooting Tab; Note the setting for Hardware Acceleration and write it down. Slide the Hardware Acceleration to None Reboot and try again. (If it does not help, set it back to its original setting that you wrote down.) VISTA does not have this setting option.

Purchase and Payments

You will be charged on the same day each month if you paid via PayPal and every 30 days if you paid via credit card.

You can check on all payment information on your “My Account” page in the top navigation bar. Simply click on “Payments” to see the date your payments are processed.

To change up the credit card we have in the system, click on the “My Account” tab in the top navigation bar.
Click on the “Credit Card” and a window will open up where you can change your credit card details.
Click on “Payments” to view and pay any outstanding charges.

Click on the “My Account” tab in the top navigation bar.
Simply enter your new Password or Email Address, repeat to confirm, and click on the blue button that says, “Change Password” or “Change Email”.

NOTE: If you change your email, you will need to log out and then log back in using your new email. Also, all emails about the program will now go to the new email address you enter above.

Legal Questions

Goodness No!
 All Program licenses are for one participant only. This will be strictly enforced, and IP addresses will be monitored.

All information provided by Terry H. Hill, Mentor the – The Seaplace Group, LLC is copyrighted and cannot be shared, reproduced, or sold without written permission.

You agree that our company and its representatives are not responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions as a result of information presented. Use of the techniques and strategies are at your own risk.

Additionally, any and all comments, website links or email addresses you enter as a comment to this portal, can be seen by all participants in the course. Although password protected, the integrity and security of this website or your comments cannot be guaranteed on the Internet.  This website is covered by all applicable copyright laws stated and not stated.